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BC Taechang Industrial Corporation

For more than 30 years, BC Taechang (BCTC) has been serving and supporting many works in the construction / chemical / ship-building field with various high pressure waterjet equipment with highly skilled specialists. Based on these long and fluent experiences, BCTC has grown into a manufacturer of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) waterjet pump/equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment and marine products.

Ultra high pressure (UHP) pump division

We manufacture UHP hydro-blasting cleaning equipment, pumping unit, control valve, spray nozzle, surface preprocessor, wet cutting machine and automatic & manual spray systems. Our mission is to improve the productivity of our customers through our latest technology of ultra-high pressure cleaning system to various fields such as ship-building / construction / chemical / water & sewage / concrete demolition and etc.
Based on in-house manufacturing and own original technology of UHP water jet system, we’re always preparing our rapid response against customer's urgent needs. This is the main point that BCTC is outstanding point comparing to dealers selling only products.

Special anti-corrosive tape division

We manufacture putty-type products preventing corrosion of steel structures even at high temperatures, special anti-corrosion tapes preventing corrosion of ships & marine structures and special waterproof tapes for medium to large-sized bulk carriers. With the latest technology and high quality, our anti-corrosion products have already secured strong brand power in anti-corrosion field and are regularly supplied to large-scale projects in various countries including Southeast Asia and projects of steel pipe pile protection in Korea.
BCTC is the first leading manufacturing & engineering company in Korea for special tape, anti-corrosive chemical and UHP waterjet equipment. We are constantly investing in research & development and are ready to respond quickly to customer’s requests. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about UHP water.


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