NEW VULCAN HOLD CLEANER is rotary pump type high solid water blaster for ship's cargo hold cleaning.
Cargo hold cleaning is the critical issue of all shipping companies, because there is no proper tool to wash
the high position without tower crane or staging. NEW VULCAN HOLD CLEANER can blast the powerful water
cannon from cargo hold bottom to the cargo hold top side, and remove dirt, flaky rust and residue easily by crew.

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Dimension 1520(L) x 650(W) x 1310(L) mm Weight 345kg
Type Rotary Pump Maximum Flow 400 liter/min at 19bar
Driving Motor TEFC 25HP (18.5KW) Power AC440V, 60hz, Min 32amp
Inlet connection 2-1/2 inch Dia. (65A) Outlet Connection 1-1/2 inch Dia. (40A)
We recommend to install FILTER ASSY if ship's sea water line is not clear.
It can be the cause of trouble if woodchips, big dirts & etc are accoumlated
inside of Vulcan pump.