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Standard features

  • High efficiency In-line fluid end design for maximum
    motor power utilization
  • Stainless steel fluid end construction
  • Easy field maintenance and field proven design
  • Power rating up to 50HP (35kW)
  • Pressure range up to 2150 bar
  • Flow rates from 9.5 ltr/min to 49 ltr/min

Durable Power End
  • Superior quality ductile iron power frame
  • Heavy duty taper roller bearings
  • Heat-treated special alloy crankshaft
  • Heavy duty alloy connection rods
  • Large capacity oil cooler for steady performance
  • Splash lubrication
High Pressure Fluid End
  • Stainless steel head
  • High efficiency Stainless steel in-line valves
  • Solid Tungsten plungers
  • Plunger & Packing cooling system
  • Long-lasting self-adjust packing set